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“Nice and cosy...” Pamper yourself

Due to the Covid-19 emergency our wellness area is currently not accessible.

“Nice and cosy... Our guests are always welcomed for free to our Wellness area. Bathrobes, bath towels and slippers are given upon request and with an additional little charge.



Regain your energies at Hotel Lewald

A holiday in Alto-Adige also includes well-being, fresh air and natural food. Spending your time in our Hotel’s wellness area permits you to unwind and reinvigorate your body after a long day of excursion and visits.

In our brand-new wellness area, we will help you to relax in our saunas, Turkish bath, sensory shower and infusions. A paradisiacal experience after a long working day.



Wellness and heat sessions

A sauna is one of the oldest methods for taking care of your body. Just a steam bath is sufficient to eliminate toxins and impurities by sweating.

Hotel Lewald has two brand-new saunas: a Finnish sauna and a soft sauna with spices and perfumes. They are both designed to give to our guests an amazing wellness experience, thanks to the heat that stimulates the psychophysical relaxation, the wood components and the particular vaporized perfumes. Our saunas are a perfect place to reinvigorate yourself during winter or to relax at the end of your working day.

Turkish bath

Turkish bath

Reinvigorate your body and spirit

The Turkish bath, which was initially common only in the East, is now really common in Western countries as well. Hotel Lewald offers you the ultimate in Turkish baths in its wellness area.

A Turkish bath helps you to purify your skin and organism, improve your blood flow, reduce colds and stress. Unwind at Hotel Lewald after a long and busy day!

Sensory shower

Sensory shower

Colours, aromas and sensations

A sensory shower creates a relaxing and healthy sensation after every use, thanks to the multiple combinations of hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy we offer to you.

In addition, Hotel Lewald sensory shower uses the purest water of Alto-Adige mountains, which is also partly atomized at a low temperature to reinvigorate your body and stimulate your blood flow.


Few simple steps are sufficient to start planning your holiday in Alto-Adige. Contact us immediately to find out the most suitable solution for you. No obligations.